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SC Gray 8" on the ground
SC Gray 8" in the warehouse
SC Gray 8"
SC Gray 8"on pallets
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SC Gray 8"

Makes a fascinating addition to any landscaping design and provides great looks.

Available Sizes:



White, Gray



(Application) Landscaping

Wall Stone

(Category) Wall Stone

$280 - $400

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Coverage 20-22 sqft per ton. Whiteish to gray color.

3-4" thick x 8", random lengths. Coverage 20-22 sqft per ton. Whiteish to gray color.

3-4" x 8"

Why Choose Stone Center

Unlike simulated materials, our natural stones are forged by nature to last a lifetime. Combined with our precision fabrication technology and vast industry expertise, Stone Center has become the trusted source for builders across the Midwest.

  • Timely, Cost-Effective Service

    From your initial estimate to fabrication, we work swiftly to ensure your project runs according to schedule and within budget.

  • peoples

    Face-to-face Meetings

    We guide our clients in person through the entire process so they know exactly what to expect at every stage.

  • Delivery to Your Site

    Committed to superior customer service, we deliver ready-to-install cut stone directly to your project site.

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