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Landscape stones and boulders add dimension and depth to exterior spaces. Used to delineate spatial elements as striking focal points or boundary markers and retaining walls, they harmoniously connect landscapes with natural surroundings. Stone Center offers a unique selection of natural stone builders to bring commercial and residential landscape projects to life.

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Creating an Outstanding Landscape Design With Boulders

  • Waterfall features: Our large landscaping boulders are perfect for mini cliffs, pond accents, or steps that form part of a waterfall feature. They can also be utilized to build a spillway or overflow.
  • Retaining walls: Not only are landscape boulders extremely durable, but they also make incredibly strong retaining walls that blend in with natural surroundings and are capable of withstanding all weather.
  • Stairs: Traversable stairs made from boulders achieve functionality while incorporating a dramatic effect to multi-level gardens.
  • Benches: Add built-in seating made from large landscaping boulders in social areas to define entertainment spaces, or place them along pathways to create a tranquil retreat.
  • Design focal points: Rock boulders for landscaping can create remarkable centerpieces that draw and direct the eye to other outdoor elements, whether it's an outdoor seating area, special tree, or waterfall.
  • Fire pits: Staggering boulders to make an organic-shaped fire pit transforms outdoor areas into multi-season spaces.
  • Shape flower beds: Using boulders as flower bed perimeters create a dynamic landscape. Additionally, boulders reflect light to plants during the day and radiate warmth at night, encouraging healthy plant growth.
  • Multi-level landscapes: Using boulders in landscaping provides the perfect medium for building distinctive levels, with raised flower beds and retaining walls.


How much do landscape boulders cost?

A landscape boulder’s price depends on the type of stone and the quantity required. If you contact us with your project specifics, we’ll gladly provide you with a quote.

Where to buy landscape boulders?

We stock a large variety of landscape boulders and rock outcropping, suitable for commercial and residential projects. Why not take a look at our premium boulder stone supply?

Do you deliver outside Columbus or Cincinnati?

We deliver landscape boulders within a ten-mile radius of our fabrication shops in Cincinnati and Columbus. Deliveries further afield come with a loaded mile rate.


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Ideas & Inspiration

Draw inspiration for your living space from these unique and creative applications of our natural stone products.

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These are just a few examples of the many ways sandstone slabs can be utilized in various applications, showcasing their versatility and adaptability to different design requirements and preferences.

Stone stair near a stone cabinet with plant.

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This is a full service stone yard with every possible type. Bill was both knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Found a granite slab which will help me complete my project at a great price, well below what I thought I’d have to pay! Five stars!

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So happy we visited. Excellent service and we found the landscape boulders we were looking for. Check them out for all your stone work needs.

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The Stone Center owners provided quality, fast service with an affordable price. The product was beautiful. We received our order quickly and arriving in the given time frame day of. The delivery driver did everything to make our job easier when it came to placement of the load. Highly recommend and will be using again!

Ben Smith

Staff is friendly and very helpful. Feels like they are just as happy to deal with a homeowner buying $50 in stone as they are dealing with contractors buying pallets at a time.

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I had looked everywhere for the right type of river rock. I found it at Stone Center. The staff were very friendly and professional. I will definately use them again for any type of stone. They were awesome!!!

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Highly recommend Stone Center for quality and satisfaction. I particularly appreciate Jim Lestock’s helpfulness and reliable answers without coming across as pushy. When it comes to working with stone, Dave DeAloia is a true artist and craftsman. If you want the job done right, look no further.