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Founded in 1989, Techo-Bloc is a major North American manufacturer of some of the most durable paving stones. Founder and president Charles Ciccarello says, “[the] company works to create products that never leave any homeowner, contractor or designer feeling stuck with their options.”

Over the years, Techo-Bloc pavers have carved out their place as a reputable and much-loved product with Columbus and Cincinnati homeowners, designers, and architects. Techo-Bloc products are designed to create one-of-kind looks for exterior spaces.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of them before, and they’ve piqued your interest, or you are considering one of their pavers as an option for your building project. If so, read on to learn about the benefits of this impressive paving brand.

What Is Techo-Bloc Made Of?

Techo-Bloc is an esteemed paver brand manufactured from multiple aggregates and sand. It is more durable and longer-lasting than other Techo-Bloc competitors like limestone and sandstone. The ultra-detailed texture technology (HD2) used to make the pavers produces higher particles per square inch of stone, achieving a strength 1.5 times greater than concrete.

Like natural stone, Techo-Bloc products blend in with outdoor environments. The brand offers pavers, edges, masonry veneer, and slabs developed for design flexibility. Eco-conscious and cost-effective, this permeable stone allows for proper percolation of surface water into the ground, eliminating potential flooding and saving on de-icing costs.

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Techo-Bloc Blu 60

The Benefits of Techo-Bloc Pavers

Consumer Techo-Bloc reviews often highlight how the product’s high quality surpasses expectations. This is not without good reason, considering the benefits below:

Weather Resistance

Techo-Bloc pavers are repeatedly tested with saltwater to ensure they withstand damage from recurring exposure to salt, either from the natural environment or de-icing products used during winter. Its low absorption rate resists harsh weather degradation, while its natural color blends don’t fade from UV rays or corrode from acid rain. All Techo-Bloc products come with a lifetime transferable warranty, which is a major plus. Techo-Bloc pavers hold up to freezing, thawing, and hot weather with ease.

Safety and Durability

Techo-Bloc is one of the best paver brands that’s scuff, chip, and scratch-resistant. It’s safe to use with ice-melting materials and requires very little maintenance and care. The joints provide flexibility, which avoids cracking, while still allowing subtle movement.

Techo-Bloc possesses a minimum compression strength of 8,00 psi and a maximum of 5% water absorption. The structural integrity of these stones is built to last for life, and if there are any issues, Tech-Bloc offers a replacement at no extra cost.

A Vast Array of Applications

Tech-Bloc is used for driveways, walkways, paths, steps, fire pits, pool caps, and garden edging. Whether you want to connect your front and backyard with a path or revamp your outdoor entertainment area, Tech-Bloc offers the perfect balance between durability and aesthetic appeal.

Available in over 20 shades ranging from Merlot to Charcoal and Ivory, Tech-Bloc suits any kind of outdoor project. Moreover, its unique textures mimic natural stone, concrete, and even wood. Regardless of your project, you’ll definitely be able to find a shade that blends seamlessly with your landscape and building exterior.

Works Great With Swimming Pools

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Techo-Bloc - Blu Grande

Techo-Bloc walkways and pool coping provide a slip-resistant and less dangerous walking area as covers can be installed over the pavers using special anchors for additional pool deck safety. This paver handles moisture better than its counterparts and is versatile enough for straight edge and bullnose pool copings, as well as wall caps. Uncluttered, neutral-colored Techo-Bloc is a great outdoor pool option, allowing homeowners to update decor and furniture with changing trends.

Restrain Shifting Ground

When properly installed, the combination of Techo-bloc pavers, bedding, and joint sand, as well as edge restraints interlock, forming a strong surface that withstands the elements and traffic. Its non-shifting surface limits cracking and fracturing. Interlocking pavers are especially formidable because they don’t sink or buckle. They can also be salvaged without damage if dismantling is required to accommodate other building projects.

No Sealing Required

A Techo-Bloc sealer is unnecessary to prolong durability. The only advantage is it may increase stain resistance and make the pavers easier to clean. The downside is it can deepen or darken paver coloring. Sealing Techo-Bloc is optional; just bear in mind that all sealers typically need reapplication every 3-5 years. Sealing pavers is really for aesthetic purposes only, as the quality of stone remains uncompromised if you decide not to.

Limits Weed Growth

Proper Techo-Bloc installation entails filling polymeric sand in the joints to inhibit the growth of weeds and grass. Polymeric sand is a combination of granular material that locks fine sand particles together to stop pavers from moving over time.

Yet, it's tricky to prevent moss from growing in shaded areas. Spraying it with 10-part water to one-part bleach solution can keep it at bay. If weeds and moss return, it's best to consult a landscaping professional to determine the underlying cause of its regrowth.


Techo-Bloc features colors and textures that mimic nature at a fraction of the cost of natural stone. Widely regarded as a versatile and cost-effective alternative by experts, Techo-Bloc manufactures the finest quality hardscape and masonry products in the industry to match any decor and hardscape design.

Stone Center is a proud supplier of Techo-Bloc products. We stock their versatile bullnose coping, pavers, and slabs. Our expert team is always happy to help our customers in Cincinnati and Columbus with their Techo-Bloc outdoor projects. As trusted stone suppliers, we guarantee when buying Techo-Bloc products from us, you’re getting the real deal. Contact us!


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