Flagstone Patios Ideas: 8 Stunning Flagstone Patio Designs

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Flagstone, or large, flat rocks, are often used to create picturesque or modern patios, paths, walls, and more. Flagstone patios offer Columbus and Cincinnati homeowners a unique opportunity to design an outdoor space to fit both your functional needs and your style and design preferences.

Not only is flagstone durable and able to withstand the elements, but it also looks natural and has a lot of versatility for design purposes. In this article, we’ve shared some of our favorite patterned flagstone patio design ideas, from firepits to funky patterns and even multi-level patios. Hopefully, you will find something to inspire your next backyard renovation!

Common Flagstone Layouts

There are plenty of flagstone design ideas, whether you’re going for a fun look or a more understated, even formal, appearance. For the former, try laying irregularly cut flagstones in random or exciting patterns. For the latter, crisply cut flagstones laid in a repeating pattern will give the best results.

Rectangular Pattern

A rectangular pattern is one of the most classic flagstone ideas; it gives the backyard an organized look, offering continuity and attractive simplicity. The mortar between the flagstones, whatever its color, ensures the design is not boring or monotonous. A flagstone like Autumn Blend flagstone is an excellent option for this design.

Flagstone patios
Flagstone patios - Autumn Blend

Irregular Paving  

When it comes to flagstone designs, a more irregular, organic look is definitely an appealing choice. The space will look more natural, especially when grass, small stones, or richly colored mortar is used to fill in the cracks between the flagstones.  Fond Du Lac irregular flagstone is an ideal choice for a design like this.

8 Ideas for Flagstone Patio Designs

Simple and Minimalistic

Sometimes, less is more. A small flagstone patio can be made beautiful with a simpler design. For example, straight, uniformly cut stones give a very clean look, while appealing circular patterns are eye-catching in a subtle way. If you’re not looking to decorate too much, some vines or small plants will finish the look.

Private Sitting Area

Using your flagstone backyard patio as a private sitting area is a perfect way to mix function and charm. With your flagstone patio, a nice garden, some comfortable chairs, and a table, you can transform your backyard into a quiet, serene space. Enjoy a relaxing read or a one-on-one conversation with a friend.

Creative Flagstone Patio Designs

If you’re going for a more outside-the-box look for your patio, consider some creative and unique flagstone patio designs. For example, people create designs out of flagstone like stars and other shapes, a checkerboard, and even flagstone cut to look like a hand or a face.

Flagstone Patio with a Fire Pit

Flagstone patios with fire pits are all the rage these days and for a good reason! There is nothing cozier than sitting by the fire on a cooler night in Cincinnati or Columbus with friends and family while laughing and chatting or curling up with a blanket and a good book or your favorite TV show or podcast.

A stunning stone fireplace serves as the focal point of the patio, drawing people into the welcoming area. And, coupled with a stone pathway and even a small wall to enclose the space and add intimacy, this can really light up a backyard space beautifully.

Flagstone patios with fire pits
Flagstone patios with fire pits

Stylish Multi-level Patio

There is no reason to limit yourself to a one-level patio! Professionals can create a luxurious, multi-level patio for your Columbus or Cincinnati home that is tailored to fit your needs. Whether a level for outdoor dining and another for comfortable seating or another design entirely, this combines practicality and comfort for the ultimate flagstone backyard.

All-Natural Irregular Flagstone Patio

If you’re looking for a stylish, unique, and most importantly, low-maintenance idea, consider an all-natural patio. This is done by leaving extra space between stones to accommodate naturally growing grass. This design adds a pop of color, especially when paired with what’s considered the best flagstone for patio design, Ozark irregular flagstone.

Chic Polished Finish

A more chic and modern choice for your flagstone patio is a polished finish to the flagstones. When brushed and lacquered, as well as cleanly cut, the flagstone will gleam and shine in the sun, giving the whole backyard and patio a stylish feel.

Random Rectangular Flagstone Pattern

A mismatched rectangular flagstone pattern for the patio is a perfect combination of cohesiveness and character. Each stone is cut uniformly and into perfect rectangles, but of all different sizes, and placed at random intervals. When it’s finished, it gives the whole space a feeling of preplanned eclecticism that ties everything together perfectly.


There are all kinds of stunning flagstone patio designs for Cincinnati and Columbus homeowners to choose from. Whether you decide on a chic, modern polished finish, a private sitting area with a fire pit, or a stylish rectangular look, it’s important to get high-quality flagstone to make your space long-lasting and durable.

If you’re looking for an extensive natural stone catalog to choose from for your patio redesign, check out Stone Center. We offer a wide selection of stones to help make your whole backyard a serene and comfortable place for you. Contact us!


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