Natural Stone Fire Pits: All You Need to Know

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There is growing popularity in the use of outdoor fire pits. Even homes with nicely incorporated fireplaces are also buying into the idea of an outdoor fire pit. When it is well done, it can contribute aesthetically to the exterior of your home and provide a warm, welcoming area to entertain guests or enjoy time with your family.

Stone fire pits are perfect for homeowners in Columbus and Cincinnati and can be sized according to your unique yard layout and size. Natural stone outdoor fire pits are built with wall stones which are the perfect building material for a fireplace. Utilizing wall stone in your home will also help add a natural feel and can create a soothing and relaxing vibe.

What Is the Best Stone for an Outdoor Fire Pit?

stone patio fire pit
Stone patio fire pit

There are different kinds of natural stones, each of them with unique characteristics. However, not all of them may be fit for a fire pit. Stone fire pits should be built with natural stone boulders that are strong and offer a variety of designs. Ideally, your choice of natural stones should also fit the surrounding landscape features.

Here are some of the most recommended stones for an outdoor fire pit:

Limestone Fire Pits

Limestone fire pits are made from natural limestone and make a stunning choice for a natural stone outdoor fire pit. Limestone is strong enough to withstand years of exposure to fire and absorbs heat moderately, making a comfortable fire pit to sit around for extended periods of time.

Sandstone Outdoor Firepits

Unlike limestone which has a smooth feel, sandstone comes with a grainy finish and that could appeal to you more. Grainy textures allow for more unique patterns and bring out the beauty of the stone’s colors. Like limestone, sandstone does not get too hot and will radiate the heat just enough to keep you warm all evening long.

You can opt to leave both kinds of stones in their natural color state, or you can choose to have them painted in different colors. These stones are also available in different sizes, allowing you several design options as well.

What Fire Pit Size Is Optimal?

Stone outdoor fire pits
Stone outdoor fire pit

While there is no specific size for stone outdoor fire pits, they should not be too large or too small. Most importantly, they should not be too high or too low.

It would be very easy to trip over stone fire pits that are too low and fire sparks may fly out dangerously from the pit. Nevertheless, a fire pit with stones should not be too high either. The height should be enough for you to be able to reach in without having to tiptoe and stand a risk of tripping over.

In general, a good height for round stone fire pits is between 18 and 24 inches high. This would be high enough to contain the fire and also low enough for easy reach should you or your kids need to quickly roast marshmallows or hot dogs.

Gas Fire Pits vs Wood-Burning Fire Pits: Which One to Choose?

Unless there are certain restrictions in your community, such as a ban on wood-burning devices, then deciding to go with a gas or a wood-burning fire pit is only a matter of preference.

Some prefer the convenience a gas fire pit offers – no ashes or smoke, and no buying or chopping of wood logs. Others prefer the natural wood-burning or traditional campfire experience and consider it the ideal way to have a fireplace.

If you are feeling unsure, a hybrid fire pit might just be the best for you so you can switch between wood and gas whenever you please.

How Much Does an Outdoor Firepit Cost?

With myriad options available, costs will vary dramatically based on the style and size you select. The best approach is to define a budget and then do some research based on your budget and the design and size you have in mind. Of course, you would need to meet a professional stoneworker to get precise estimates, but starting with a rough budget in mind will prove helpful along the way.

When building an outdoor fire pit, keep in mind that fire pits with stones are a great investment, as they are long-lasting, gorgeous, and require little to no ongoing maintenance.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Outdoor Firepit vs Fireplace?


You may be wondering why several homeowners in Columbus and Cincinnati are constructing outdoor fire pits and why you should consider it even if you already have an indoor fireplace. These are the benefits of an outdoor fire pit over a fireplace:

Outdoor Fire Pit is More Convenient

An outdoor fire pit offers several shades of convenience than a fireplace. You do not have to worry about how a fire burning indoors and the smoke from it will affect your home. In addition, building a fire pit outside the house gives you options to experience warmth while being outdoors. In essence, you can create a glorious campfire within the confines of your backyard.

Getting a Fire Pit Is Cheaper

Considering all the factors surrounding fire pit selection and installation, building and maintaining an outdoor fire pit is cheaper than constructing an indoor stone fireplace, as there are large-scale home construction items to factor in. It is easier to install an outdoor fire pit and you can begin to enjoy warmth almost immediately.

Firepit vs Fireplace Is More Safe Option

With an outdoor fireplace, there will be fewer concerns about the heat getting too high or too low or even a fire accident that would directly affect the house.

Outdoor fire pits with stones are the safest. They are typically surrounded by solid stone pavement and pose less risk of a fire outbreak if ambers accidentally fall over the sides.

And if an accident does happen, an outdoor fire pit is much easier to contain and douse than an indoor fire.

Outdoor Firepit Offers Great Aesthetics

stone for outdoor fire pit
Stone for outdoor fire pit

No one can deny how a stone fire pit can greatly uplift your home’s landscape. You can pick the stones to use, their colors, cut, and texture before construction. You can also play with combinations that best match your home’s exterior décor. A professional stoneworker can guide you through this process, explaining how each stone type can enhance the beauty of your home.

Fire Pits Increase Your Curb Appeal

Think of how a fire pit can bring more appeal to your home when observed from across the street. Getting professional guidance before constructing a fire pit will ensure you come up with something that adds value and meets your family’s needs perfectly. From additional backyard seating to potentially even creating a second dining area outdoors, an outdoor fire pit is guaranteed to add value and beauty to your current landscaping layout.


An outdoor fire pit offers you all the benefits of an indoor fireplace, coupled with other benefits like safety, affordability, convenience, and landscape appeal.

If you are considering installing a natural stone outdoor fire pit, then Stone Center advise you to hire an experienced stonework professional to guide you through the process. You can also go through our stone products catalog alongside your family members and stoneworkers or  contact us. You will undoubtedly find the best natural stone options to meet your unique outdoor fire pit vision and deeds.


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