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Landscape Aggregates: Main Types and Best Ideas for Stunning Landscaping

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Every day, new ideas keep popping up for landscaping. Many of them feature landscaping materials that are already popular, while a few make use of quite unpopular materials like landscape aggregate.

Using aggregate stone may be a good way for homeowners and landscaping designers in Columbus and Cincinnati to uniquely design their homes.

In this article, you will learn about the major types of aggregates and how you can create your own stunning landscaping styles using them.

What Are Aggregates?

Aggregate stone is a mixture of several materials such as crushed stone, recycled concrete, gravel, and other mined minerals. Aggregates have several uses in architecture including creating beautiful landscapes.

Landscaping aggregates are specially formulated to create stunning effects that will contribute beautifully to the aesthetics of your property.

What Are the Main Types of Aggregates for Landscaping?

There are several types of landscaping aggregates that you can choose from. Most aggregate stone is classified under one of the following subcategories:

What Are the Main Types of Aggregates for Landscaping?

Gravel and Crushed Stone

The combination of gravel and any other crushed stone such as limestone creates a perfect mix to use as landscaping aggregates. Gravel and stone landscaping is a tried and true method that has been used for years. A benefit of using gravel and stone is that by mixing them, you can create a very unique landscape look. You also can tweak the size of the aggregates depending on where you want to use them or what you want to achieve to best fit your design goals.


Sand aggregates are made up of a mix of very fine sandstones. These types of aggregate are best for use in children's playgrounds, recreational facilities, and sports surfaces.


Loam aggregates are often a combination of sand and clay. Most commonly, loam aggregates are used to improve draining issues in a landscape, and general lawn repair or they can be mixed with soil for plants that require extra hydration.

When it comes to choosing your landscape aggregate, there may be one type that is more fitting for your project than others. Stone Center has a catalog featuring a wide array of landscaping aggregates in Columbus and Cincinnati that you can explore and choose from.

Benefits of Using Aggregates in Your Landscaping Project

Using aggregate stone in your landscaping project can present you with many benefits you may have never thought of before. The 5 most significant benefits of using landscaping aggregates are:

Easy to Create Walkways and Borders

You can use landscaping aggregates to create durable walkways, driveways, and other kinds of borders on your property. However, aggregates do more than just create borders, they can contribute to your home's aesthetics when they are carefully selected and filled in properly.

Another option is colored aggregates, which you can select to match or complement the style of your home. You can also use aggregates with rocks for a mix of a modern and classic look.

Simple Maintenance

Unlike most other landscaping fittings, landscaping aggregates require little or no maintenance after they have been laid out. In fact, you may never need to do anything except manage weed growth and fill out the aggregates if it slightly depletes. Thankfully, aggregates don't wear out fast so you likely will not need to refill them for many years.

A common best practice for maintenance of your aggregate is to hem your aggregates in using a pavement made from concrete or larger stones depending on what fits best.

Natural Drainage

Natural Drainage
Types of Aggregate

Drainage issues are often a challenge in properties that are on a slope. You can strategically place sand and/or loam aggregates to decide how you want the water flow of your home to function. Loam aggregates help to retain water in the right places, whereas sand aggregates will improve drainage and make water flow freely.

Affordable Pricing

Aggregate stone is perhaps the most affordable landscaping option out there. The prices per ton of aggregates are almost always less expensive than the equivalent of other landscape fittings.

What's more, landscape aggregate does not require frequent maintenance or replacement that will incur heavy costs. Thus, landscape aggregate will be worth your investment in the long run.

Wide Range of Sizes and Colors

From very fine sand mixtures to a mix of larger natural stones and gravel, aggregates come in several size options you can choose from for your project. You may even choose to work with more than one size of aggregate in your project, which can create an uncommon but beautiful style for your landscape.

If you appreciate the vision of a lush landscape surrounding your home but are often faced with the challenge of the soil becoming too dry, you can simply fill your garden with a bit of loam aggregate for better water retention. What's more, you can also loosen up your garden soil using fine sand aggregates.

How to Choose the Right Aggregates

How to Choose the Right Aggregates
Landscaping Aggregates

Choosing the right landscape aggregate might seem a bit overwhelming or like a huge challenge. The first thing to do is to simply examine the needs and/or issues of your landscape. Consider the following points:

  • Purpose: Drainage? Opt for permeable aggregates like crushed rock. Walkways? Choose stable options like decomposed granite. Decoration? Explore colorful gravel or glass.
  • Size: Choose larger stones for drainage, and smaller for walkways. Try angular for stability, and rounded for smoothness.
  • Look & feel: Consider color, texture, and how they complement your surroundings and budget. Local availability matters too!
  • Practicalities: Think maintenance (weeding, dust), safety (avoid sharp edges), and drainage needs.

When you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a general idea of the best aggregate stone to use for your project.

How to Landscape with Aggregates: Best Ideas

Still, wondering how to make use of landscape aggregates in your landscape? We have a couple of ideas for you. Note that aggregate stones are an option you can always use as an alternative to several other home enhancement techniques you're already aware of.

Cover Slopes and Paths

Not only can you use aggregates to outline walkways, but you can also use them as walkways. Consider making the walkway to your front door a path of smooth aggregate stones in a color of your choice. You can also use aggregates for the stairs that lead into your home.

Alternative to Mulch

Stone aggregates are a quick and less stressful alternative to mulch. Although each contributes its beauty uniquely, you would need to remove decayed mulch often and replace them with new ones. However, landscaping aggregates will not need as much maintenance or to be replaced shortly after installation. Use a fine mix or small stone aggregates to outline your flower beds, gardens, or front door area.

As a Replacement for Grass

Aggregate Stones

Grass adds to the greenery of a home but that is only when it is well-tended. If you are not up for the stress associated with the maintenance of grass, you can opt for landscaping aggregates instead.

As a Grout for Unique Contrast

Perhaps you are paving your walkway or outdoor fireplace using some other kind of natural stone. You can use stone aggregates as grouts. They will create a contrast that will not only be beautiful but will most likely be the first of its kind your house guests will see.

As a Rock Border

For extra effects, you can outline rock boulders with landscaping aggregates which are smaller stones that you use to surround a bigger stone. You can either work with matching or contrasting colors to achieve your desired theme.

Find Your Favorite Aggregate Today!

Landscape aggregates are just as great for landscaping as any other natural stone fitting you may know of. What's more, aggregates are long-lasting, easy to maintain, and come with some other benefits that make them versatile.

Are you considering using aggregate stones or any other kind of natural stone in your home? Stone Center is a natural stone supplier in Ohio. Our products cut across different natural stones and you are sure to find the best fit for your home in no time.


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