How to Increase Your Home’s Value with Natural Stone

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Natural stonework adds elegance, durability, and value to residential properties. It shows minimal wear and tear in comparison to other materials and is a sustainable option for indoor and outdoor applications. Most importantly, it achieves many homeowners’ aesthetic, performance, and cost goals, providing unsurpassed structural, design, and environmental advantages.

Why Should I Consider Using the Natural Stone?

Natural stone on a house exterior or interior offers durable, weather-resistant, and low-maintenance appeal of unique character. It is recyclable, reduces adverse impacts on the ecosystem, and lowers utilities. Cost-effective and efficient, it remains a popular choice for savvy homeowners. 

Natural Stone Is Environmentally-Friendly

The true value of stone exceeds its durability and monetary worth. It contains no harmful chemicals or toxins, and because it’s not manufactured, its carbon footprint is lower than engineered stone like quartz. Regionally quarried stone-like limestone further reduces environmental impacts by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions due to shorter transportation routes.

Durability of Stone Is Unmatched

What do most of the world’s oldest monuments have in common? They’re made from natural stone. Stone can endure high traffic in courtyards, foyers, fireplaces, kitchens, pathways, driveways, and entertainment areas. Even if natural stone is more expensive initially, it has a lower life cycle cost; it can last for decades, outweighing the replacement costs of other materials.

Energy Efficiency Saves Money

Natural stone’s thermal inertia retains constant temperatures and heat for long periods, promoting thermal comfort and energy savings. Stones for house flooring absorb heat during the day and release it slowly during evening hours, supplying natural insulation. Natural stone flooring with underfloor heating produces the same desired effect — heating quickly and staying warm for longer.

Low Maintenance 

Unlike cement that needs paint, and wood that requires meticulous treatments, stone work on homes warrants very little maintenance. Natural stone is nearly complete as a building material in its natural state. Scrubbing your home’s exterior with warm water and vinegar or a mild detergent and hosing it down is all that’s required for regular cleaning. 

How Do You Increase Your Home’s Value With Natural Stone?

Using real stone for a house exterior or interior increases curb appeal and overall value. Stone is resistant to decay, doesn’t break down, and is less susceptible to weathering. Here’s how to use the stone to increase the value of your residential real estate on almost any budget.  

Use It for Interior Designs 

Natural stone work can be used to clad interior walls, adding dimension, depth, and natural warmth to living spaces. Limestone veneer and cut limestone are often a popular choice for indoor fireplaces due to their fire-resistant properties. Stone can also be used for kitchen backsplashes and decorative elements. 

Many homeowners also opt for stone floors because of their exceptional insulation properties and aesthetic and practical value. Natural stone comes with many colors and finishes to choose from that complement almost any design style. Homeowners that favor biophilia-inspired designs even create water features or planters for interior gardens from natural stone.

Improve Your Home’s Facade

Brick houses are notoriously favored for their low maintenance but don’t always offer design versatility. When comparing a stone house vs. a brick house, the former is more conducive to less geometric designs and offers a greater range of applications. Stone cladding reinforces wall strength and increases property value.

When most people think of stone for the front of a house, they imagine mosaic or hatch patterns — something that exudes ancient-world charm. However, natural stone is gaining popularity in ultra-modern designs and is used for dramatic and high-performing exterior walls. Limestone is a great option for home facades because it’s easy to fabricate for custom designs. 

Create a Stunning Backyard with Natural Stone

Pathways, entertainment areas, fire pits, seats, and garden walls are a few ways natural stone can be used to freshen up outdoor areas. Natural stone can make an outdoor space more accessible while enhancing a home’s features. Whether it’s a landscape design, BBQ, or swimming pool, the beauty of natural stone lies in its diverse application and durability. 

Patio flooring made from stone tends to retain heat for longer and blends in with outdoor surroundings. At the same time, natural stone driveways tend to look more elegant than concrete ones, improving curb appeal. Natural stone can also be used to demarcate flowerbeds and in hardscape design applications. 

Patios alone can add 8-10% in home value and also earn an ROI of over 80%. Upgrading or renovating your backyard is well worth it, not to mention the increased enjoyment you’ll get from your home by having a designated outdoor area. 


At Stone Center, we’re in the business of selling a stone that beautifies homes. With over 60 years of natural stone fabrication, our experts can help increase the value of your home with high-quality materials. From patios to entertainment areas, driveways, and wall cladding — we’ve got it all! Call us at 614-683-5341 or contact us to learn more about our natural stone products for your next home improvement project.


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