Flagstone Landscaping: 9 Best Ideas for Your Project

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Best Flagstone Landscaping Ideas

With so many different variations of flagstone in a range of colors and finishes, there are many ways to incorporate flagstone landscaping in your next home project.

This natural material comes in a vast range of shapes, sizes, and colors depending on the type and origin you choose. And with such variety, you can find the perfect stone for a range of projects, creating the landscaping of your dreams. But how do you narrow it down?

To help you develop the best landscaping flagstone design, we are sharing how to landscape with flagstone and the best ways to incorporate it into your next project. Let’s dive right in!

1. Flagstone Patio

One of the most popular uses for landscaping with flagstone is to create a patio.

A flagstone patio is a gorgeous, classic addition to any home. This is a wonderful way to include built-in stone features in the outdoor entertainment area, creating a sectioned area for family and friends to gather.

There are several ways to lay flagstone on a patio for a cool or classic design. Whether you opt for a more modern aesthetic, or an irregular pattern to match a more rustic or country design, flagstone can expertly accompany your project.

2. Flagstone Retaining Wall

While this may not be your first thought for landscape flagstone designs, a retaining wall using flagstone can make for a stunning addition to your backyard.

A landscape flagstone wall can be created by stacking flagstones to create a low wall around a specific area for an added element of dimension and design. However, when creating this wall, it’s best to keep it low for the most sturdy design.

When creating a retaining wall with flagstones, you can choose to either stack them dry or use mortar to hold them together. If you want this to be a long-lasting addition to your space (and a sturdy one!), we recommend using mortar.

3. Flagstone Walkway

landscaping flagstone
Ozark Steppers

There are so many ways to incorporate flagstones for landscaping as a walkway. Using this natural stone to lead from one spot to the next, like through a garden path or from the front of the house to the back, can add a beautiful, natural aesthetic to your pathways.

There are many designs that flagstone walkways will work well within. Whether you have sleeker landscaping and want perfectly-cut stones, or want to create a more ethereal design with irregular flagstones placed together, anything can be achieved to create your ideal walkway.

Another perk? Flagstones are naturally slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them getting slick when it rains!

4. Swimming Pool with a Flagstone Pool Deck

With a naturally slip-resistant finish, flagstones are a wonderful choice when designing around your pool area.

Due to their texture, flagstones won’t get slick when wet, making them a family-friendly material to use around any swimming pool or hot tub. Additionally, some types of flagstones, such as sandstone, won’t absorb heat, preventing your feet from burning on your journey to the pool. As if that wasn’t enough of a perk, flagstones are permeable, so you won’t have to worry about water running off and flooding your lawn.

5. Flagstone Steps

Another of the top flagstone landscaping ideas is to incorporate this material as steps in your backyard or garden.

Flagstone steps can be used to connect the different levels of your garden or yard. This material is ideal for this outdoor space as it is both durable and natural looking, perfectly blending in and matching your outdoor design.

Keep in mind that flagstones typically aren’t super thick. This means you will likely need to stack a few layers and use mortar to create the perfect height for a step. It’s best to hire professionals for this job to ensure that they are an even height for your safety.

6. Outdoor Seating Place

Want to get creative when figuring out how to use flagstone in landscaping? Use this natural material to create a seating place in your yard!

You can create a flagstone bench by stacking stones and putting mortar between the slabs to secure them. We recommend creating a seat that’s around 18 to 22 inches high, building the base with a flagstone, and using a smooth stone for the top.

This is the perfect touch around a fire pit or in a garden, offering a more natural addition to your outdoor space than other seating options. And with many different colors and textures of flagstone, you can get just the finish you’re looking for.

7. Flagstone Fire Pit

landscape flagstone
Flagstone fire pit

Another unique use of flagstone for garden designs is as a fire pit.

By creating a flagstone fire pit, you can develop a space for everyone to gather in your yard, no matter the season. This stone creates a gorgeous, natural-looking fire pit, expertly matching the rest of your garden design.

When creating this flagstone fire pit, keep in mind that the interior should be made of fireproof landscaping material. Then, use mortared flagstone to finish the exterior for that stunning natural stone finish.

8. Flagstone for Garden Landscaping

There are a number of flagstone garden ideas you can incorporate to elevate your garden landscaping.

One way to incorporate flagstone in your garden landscaping is to place flagstone around a tree. This is a beautiful way to accentuate a tree in your garden, creating a path around it to create a base.

Additionally, you can place flagstone on grass as a sort of garden edging, creating a border around your landscape beds to keep the grass out and create a more polished finish. This can offer different design perks. When using pavers, can help make your garden look more geometric and modern. However, if you opt for irregular flagstones, you can create a more natural aesthetic.

9. Flagstone Stepping Stones

When looking for flagstone ideas for front yard and backyard designs, stepping stones make the perfect addition.

To create stepping stones, simply place flagstones a few inches apart and fill the gaps with river rock, pea gravel, or ground cover plants to keep weeds at bay. You can additionally use pavers for a more modern appearance, or irregular flagstones for a cottage-style path.

Choosing to lay flagstones typically is cheaper than installing a traditional path, since you use fewer stones to cover the same distance. Plus, it offers a more whimsical, natural appeal.

Things to Consider When Choosing Flagstone for Your Landscaping Project

flagstone landscaping ideas
Flagstone landscaping idea

When navigating how to use flagstone in landscaping and choosing where you will place this beautiful natural material in your yard, there are a few things to consider before beginning the project. Let’s break it down.

How Flagstone Is Sold

Typically, you will find flagstone sold by the ton versus per piece or by the pound. The cost of this will vary depending on the rock you choose, but usually will cost around $40 to $320 per ton, depending on how high-end of a stone you choose. 

When you begin your search for your ideal stone, you may find some irregular slabs or unique shapes organized by color, size, and type. These slabs will usually be secured on palettes to keep the types and sizes all together in one place. In some locations, you have to buy this collection in full and cannot pick which you like most. However, if you need a smaller quantity and want to individually select, some rock yards will allow you to do so with pallets that are already open.  

What Thickness and Width Do You Need?

The thickness of stone you need depends on what you are using it for. For instance, if you are laying a path or walkways without using mortar, you don’t want to use a super thin stone, but instead, opt for one at least two inches thick. This is essential to avoiding cracking and breaking. However, if you plan to use a mortar base, you can use a thinner stone. 

When it comes to width, on the other hand, there’s a wide range of choices, and again, it depends on the project. If you are creating a pathway, you’ll want to look for large flagstone slabs, usually at least two feet in width. However, if it’s for a patio, you can use various irregular shapes and sizes and fit them together. 

How Much Flagstone Will You Need?

The amount of flagstone you need depends largely on your unique project, but there is a formula that can help.

To find the amount you need, multiply the length and width of the project to find the square footage. Then, determine the “coverage” you are seeking, meaning the amount of area your flagstone will cover. 

Once you have the square footage and coverage, it’s time to use the formula. To do this, divide the total square footage of the project by the total square footage of the coverage. For example:

100/50 = 2

This means you need 2 tons of flagstone to build your project. 


Can you lay flagstone directly in the soil?

Due to the weight of flagstone, it actually can be directly laid on dirt. When laying the stone directly on the soil, it does allow low-growing plants to grow in between each stone, so keep that in mind when designing your project.

Do I need landscape fabric under flagstones?

The quick answer to do I need landscape fabric under flagstone is no. Landscape fabric will not prevent weeds in your design, so it’s not necessary when laying your stone. However, it can be useful when creating a patio, and a few other designs. It’s best to consult with the experts on whether or not to incorporate it!

Design Your Unique Landscaping Project with Flagstone from Stone Center

Ready to begin designing your own flagstone landscaping? We’ve got you covered.

At Stone Center, we understand that each project is unique. With this in mind, we work with each client in the Cincinnati and Columbus area to create a custom solution, using the finest quality stones and craftsmanship when developing your landscaping with flagstone. To begin your project, contact us online today.


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