Benefits of Landscaping Walls for Your Yard and Garden

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Backyards, especially for homeowners in Columbus, Cincinnati, and other chillier cities, tend to be overlooked as both functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. But there are plenty of ways to upgrade your yard or garden, starting with a natural stone wall.

With natural stone walls, landscaping can be made to fit your vision. From walls that serve to create private patios or pools, beautifully structured gardens, or just a stunningly decorated yard, the options are limitless.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of adding stone walls to your yard or garden, and how they can make your space come to life.

What Types of Retaining Stone Walls Are There?

There are two types of landscaping walls, retaining and freestanding, each of which has two subcategories, making four in total. Both retaining walls and freestanding walls can be built ‘dry’, meaning they utilize friction and gravity to hold stones together rather than concrete, and ‘wet’, meaning concrete is used to hold the stones together.

Retaining walls are specifically designed to hold soil in place or are made to lean back against soil, gravity, and mass keeping the soil put. Freestanding walls, however, aren’t meant to hold soil in place and can stand on their own.

How Landscaping Walls Can be Used

Level and Protect Your Garden

If your garden is a little simple or even boring for your tastes, garden stone walls open up a world of possibilities for expanding and enhancing the function of the outdoor space. A stone wall can serve to level out the yard if it’s at all hilly or uneven, adding structural support and providing a more functional space for your future gardening.

Landscaping walls, like those made of buff wall stone, can also protect plants from harsh weather conditions, like wind or rain, as well as direct sunlight away or toward certain plants in the garden depending on their needs.

Limit Soil Erosion

When the ground of a yard or garden is sloped or uneven, it is more susceptible to erosion from irrigation runoff and rain. To prevent this, a backyard retaining wall can be used to hold the soil in place and block the slopes, decreasing and slowing any runoff as the wall catches the water before it can pool or move soil from its place.

A yard wall can also serve to direct the flow of water where you need it to, letting the water naturally nourish the garden and surrounding plant life instead of flowing down the hill in your backyard and causing more problems.

Improve the Landscape’s Aesthetics

Backyard retaining wall
Jurassic Wall Stone

No matter what design or theme you’re going for, a decorative outdoor stone wall can enhance the space and give your yard a whole new look. Choose to transform your yard to be modern, elegant, minimalistic, classic, or even fresh and funky with stones and walls of different sizes, shapes, and shades.

Long-lasting natural stone walls give you a fantastic opportunity to make the yard your own. Add string lights to the walls to make your private patio look enchanting after dark, or go bolder and add some colorful planters for a fun space on sunny days. You can even paint the stones in different colors or designs to truly give them a personalized touch.  

With an intricate but subtle pattern and a high level of durability, Jurassic wall stone is an excellent choice for your future retaining or freestanding walls.

Maintain Your Privacy

In some neighborhoods, nosy neighbors are a common occurrence, and if you’re looking for a little more privacy for your backyard garden or patio, stone privacy walls might be the answer. Houses with retaining walls can keep out intruders and watchful eyes, so you can enjoy your yard alone with family and friends.

Along with keeping others out, stone walls can be used to keep things in! With pets and children running around, a stone wall makes a great boundary so they can’t wander or runoff. You can sit back and relax while your loved ones run around in the secure space.

More Plant Options

Stonewall landscaping is a great way to make your garden flourish. Retaining walls can bring plants into a better view of the sun, perfect for flowers that require light, or do the opposite, providing cover and shelter for flowers and other plants that require less sunlight and more shade.

Installing landscaping walls is a great opportunity to finally update your plantlife — allowing you to plant whatever you want and achieve optimal results. Whether it be some fresh mint, beautiful roses, or anything in between, retaining walls will allow you to create the ultimate garden and not be subject to whatever nature throws at you.


So, do retaining walls add value? Plenty! Protection, privacy, aesthetics, plant life, and limited soil erosion are just some of the benefits of landscaping walls. Give your yard a gorgeous added touch or totally change its look with walls made of durable and attractive natural stone.

If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced natural stone products supplier, Stone Center is the place for you. Contact us today to hear about our customized stone solutions and speak with an expert regarding your future natural stone landscaping walls.


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