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Indiana limestone (aka Bedford limestone) is a popular natural stone material that has been used for centuries. Millions of years in the making, the stone is quarried today and can be found in buildings all over the world, from the United States to China. It is also frequently used in landscaping and hardscaping projects of different scales. 

From homes to industrial buildings: this weather-proof material is truly a jack of all trades. Even though it's hard to choose from the countless advantages of Indiana limestone, we managed to pick six main ones.

1. Indiana Limestone Lasts for a Lifetime 

Indiana limestone was used to build many historically famous constructions, including parts of the Pentagon near Washington D.C., the Empire State Building in New York City, Buckingham Palace in London, as well as the campuses of many American universities. All of them are still standing, and as time goes on, Indiana limestone evenly wears and is relatively easy to renovate.

There are many different possible applications of Indiana Limestone, and it's an incredibly long-lasting building and landscaping stone, even when compared to other natural and artificial materials. This is why the popularity of Indiana Limestone is growing every day.

2. Natural Stone Is Durable

Overall, natural stone materials are durable, and Indiana Limestone in particular is one of the most popular among them. It is an excellent building and landscaping stone and has a tremendous strength-to-weight ratio, making it one of the most durable natural materials available today. 

In addition, it can also withstand high traffic areas. This is why cut Indiana limestone is often used for sidewalks, patios, and driveways. As it requires little maintenance, time and money spent on restoration are saved. 

The limestone will last for ages and remain in good condition even after years of exposure to varied harsh weather conditions, such as wind, water, freezing temperatures, and even the scorching sun. 

Research conducted by the Indiana Limestone Institute in 1986 showed that Indiana limestone can withstand acid rain without any serious damage whatsoever. This kind of durability is exactly what many modern contractors are looking for.

3. Limestone Is Flexible in Customization

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Indiana limestone house

Despite Limestone being an extremely solid and durable natural stone, it can easily be cut into different shapes and sizes. Many natural stone product suppliers, including our team at the Stone Center, produce brick slips, boulders, veneers, limestone pavers, slabs, or tiles. Indiana limestone is a popular choice for countless applications and can fit perfectly into all kinds of designs. 

See our catalog for more examples of the various shapes and applications of this material. Versatility is one of the qualities that make Indiana limestone products so popular among builders, architects, and designers all over the country. 

4. Indiana Limestone Is Usable in Hardscaping

You may find yourself asking, "What can I do with Indiana Limestone?" Well, the possibilities are endless! As the strength and durability of Indiana limestone allow it to stand up well in harsh conditions, it is used for countless hardscaping purposes. 

Flowerbeds, retaining walls, window sills, walkways, steps, or just styling with veneers: you name it. The above-mentioned versatility of the Indiana limestone makes it a great choice when building your landscape or improving your existing one. This stone is prized by homeowners, builders, and architects that are striving to make their landscape truly unique. 

5. Limestone Can Be Reshaped on Site

While it has many landscaping uses, one of the other reasons for the popularity of Indiana limestone is the ease of customizing and reshaping on site. Using simple tools, like a brick hammer or sandpaper, rough-cut limestone can be flattened or smoothened if needed.

Most natural stones have the same grain after any kind of cut, which is true for the limestone as well, while with concrete or any other artificial products, the cuts will stand out. This flexibility is one of the reasons why many construction workers love working with Indiana limestone.

6. The Stone Is Visually Appealing

indiana limestone
Indiana limestone house

The visual appeal of natural stone, and Indiana limestone, in particular, is truly unique. There is a wide variety of shades and colors that can be seen in limestone products. And depending on the type of product, it can be given a unique texture and variable smoothness. This consistent versatility allows designers to create a design palette with unlimited possibilities. 

It will enrich both interior and exterior designs because it has such a strong character that makes it stand out from all others, yet blend into any environment at the same time! The variety of styles means that almost every project can incorporate this type of material. 

For a traditional look, limestone provides the perfect complement to a classic design. It works well with modern and contemporary styles, as well as rustic open-beam designs. Even the roughly cut stone can add value to any landscaping project possible.

7. Indiana Limestone Is Energy Efficient

Indiana limestone is a great asset to homeowners all over the world. The superior energy efficiency of natural stone, and Indiana limestone, in particular, saves people money through heat retention; often it's used for fireplaces. There are countless decorative uses as well, from walls to flooring tiles, many of them adding to the home's heating efficiency.

Landlords and home builders often add numerous natural stone products to the project, greatly increasing the property's value. And with Indiana limestone being one of the go-to options for them, it's safe to say that the stone is truly useful for these purposes.

8. The Stone Comes with the Relatively Low Price

The products made from Indiana limestone are way cheaper than those created from many other stones, like granite. And while it may be not as affordable as artificial or recycled stone products, the great benefits that any natural stone has, are definitely worth its money. On average, slabs cost $25-$50 per linear foot, gravel is $30-$38 per ton. 

And despite the relative lack of styles and different colors available, the wide array of pre-made limestone products available on the market removes the need of spending additional money on getting customized products from any different natural stone.


There are far more benefits of Indiana limestone than just those eight mentioned above, but these are what we consider the key ones. Whether it's used as building, architectural, or landscaping stone - its countless applications and flexibility are what make it so desirable and high in demand. 

Keep in mind that depending on the product, Indiana limestone cost can greatly vary. If you have any questions related to this or any other natural stone products, feel free to visit or contact us at Stone Center! Our manufacturing stores are located in Columbus and Cincinnati. As Ohio's trusted Indiana limestone supplier, we are always glad to provide you with both expert knowledge and high-quality natural stone products!


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