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Using stone for landscaping is timeless, and using natural stone specifically will ensure that your backyard's beauty is timeless as well. Natural stone is durable, able to withstand all types of weather, and its rugged appearance gives the outdoor space a charming look. Whether you use it for your new bubbling fountain or to line a path that weaves through the backyard, natural stone can be the perfect extra touch that ties every detail together.

Let's take a look at a few classic and a few original rockscaping ideas so you can learn how to landscape with stones properly.

#1. Creative Steps and Walkways

Creative Steps and Walkways
Stepping Stone Pathway

One of the most common uses of natural stone in landscape design is for steps and walkways. A stepping stone pathway is a classic backyard feature for a reason — it looks wonderful and is built to last. It has a tough nature that makes it resistant to cracking no matter how much it gets walked on, and it holds up well in poor weather conditions. To keep you safe and make your outdoor space look fantastic, consider Indiana limestone steps or paths.

#2. Cozy Patio

Cozy Patio
Natural Stone Patio

A natural rock landscape usually involves a comfortable and enchanting patio with a set up that's perfect for hosting guests or relaxing with a good book. Including a natural stone patio in your backyard will provide more usable space, allowing you more room for outdoor furniture and giving your guests room to stand at your next party or barbecue.

Natural stone will ensure your patio lasts longer, as it is resistant to cracking and discoloration, and has an anti-slip texture that's perfect after a bout of rain.

#3. Reliable Retaining Walls

Reliable Retaining Walls
Stone Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are popular because they serve a practical purpose while adding an attractive visual element. They are relatively easy to construct and are sturdy and durable, ensuring they will last long term and keep their appeal.

Landscaping with natural stone is an excellent choice for the retaining walls around your backyard or garden. It can help bring the space together, giving it a more cohesive look, in addition to its primary function of keeping the soil and mulch in the garden from being washed away.

#4. Calming Water Features

Landscaping with small stones often includes adding them to your backyard water features to create a pleasing and even calming effect. Whether they're at the bottom of the pool to give fish some added shelter, arranged in a path around the pond, or used for a simple edging.

Natural stones like Ohio River Wash look natural and effortless with varying shapes and sizes and smooth surfaces. They can be used for anything from pond edging to a dynamic and beautiful addition to a small waterfall or bubbling fountain.

#5. Rock Sculptures

Stone sculptures can make a beautiful focal point for your backyard or garden. Whether intricate and detailed or bold and simple, a rock sculpture is an exciting and creative addition to the landscape. This is a great way to express your personality and individual style without crowding your outdoor space.

A sculpture can make a small, undecorated space seem elegant or draw the eye in an otherwise large space. Try putting the sculpture on a pedestal to really spotlight it in your garden.

#6. Stone Pathways with Coping Stones

Elevate your pathways with coping stones. This adds definition and a finished look, especially around curves or changes in elevation. Use contrasting colors or textures for visual interest.

#7. Stylish Accents

Stylish Accents
Stone Accent Walls

You can't go wrong with using natural stones for your landscape's accent rocks. Large rocks in landscaping, like boulders, make effective and eye-catching statement pieces while mimicking natural geography. There's also such a wide variety of natural stones to choose from, making them perfect for matching to any existing landscape or mixing it up for a more unique look.

Japanese gardens are great examples of how to properly utilize accent rocks to bring a space together and bring it to life.

#8. Natural Stone Outdoor Fire Pit

Create a warm and inviting gathering spot in your backyard with a natural stone fire pit. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles to fit your space and needs. Flagstone, lava rock, and fieldstone are all popular options for an outdoor fire pit.

#9. Custom Stone Carved Designs

Take your steps to the next level with beautiful custom stone carving. Incorporate nature-inspired motifs, geometric patterns, or even personalized initials for a truly one-of-a-kind entrance.

#10. Stone Edging and Borders

Define your garden beds, flowerbeds, and walkways with stone edging and borders. This helps to create a clean and polished look, and it also helps to prevent erosion. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes of stones to create the perfect look.

#11. Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds are a beautiful and functional way to manage stormwater runoff in your landscape. They are typically lined with stones and filled with gravel, and they can be planted with drought-tolerant plants. Dry creek beds add visual interest to your landscape and help protect your property from erosion.

#12. Stone Veneer Walls

Stone Veneer Walls
Stone Veneer Walls

Add a touch of elegance to your home or outdoor space with stone veneer walls. Stone veneer is a thin layer of real stone that is applied to a concrete or block wall. It is available in a variety of colors and styles to match your existing décor.

Looking for a Trusted Natural Stone Products Supplier?

Using natural stones for a garden or backyard is both a practical and aesthetic decision. Whether you have chosen it for its longevity or because it blends into the environment subtly yet attractively, natural stone landscaping won't let you down.

Natural stone offers many options to choose from, as these stones can come in all types of shapes, textures, and sizes. You can mix and match to find what works best for your outdoor space. If you're looking to warm up your garden, try using brown, or even red, rocks; if you're looking to be bold with your design, try black stones that will draw attention and give the backyard a modern look.

If you're looking for a wide selection of natural stone products, check out Stone Center. We specialize in natural stones that are sure to make your vision a reality. Visit our website or contact us for more information on our services.


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