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Why Limestone Balustrades Are So Popular: Natural Stone Balustrades 101

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Limestone is an incredible stone that has stood the test of time and offers a delightfully traditional appeal, especially when used for balustrades. It is no surprise that countless builders in Columbus and Cincinnati feature limestone architectural designs as the central theme of their home constructions.

Thanks to experienced craftsmen offering natural stone carving services, using limestone balustrades in homes are both straightforward and cost-effective. You can easily achieve a “modernized traditional” look and give your house a bit of character in the process. Let’s examine why limestone balustrades are so popular and dig into more information about natural stone balustrades.

What Is the Balustrade?

limestone balustrades
Limestone balustrades

A balustrade is one of traditional stone architectural features usually found on balconies, staircases, and raised terraces. Balustrades typically consist of a row of solid columns, called balusters, joined together by a top railing to give a defined geometry.

A balustrade serves as a basic support frame on balconies, staircases, and raised terraces and can also be used for partitioning different compartments of a space. Additionally, it can be designed to offer artistic appeal and complement the beauty of a home.

Balustrades can be made from different materials – metal, stone, glass, wood, or limestone. Amongst all these, limestone balustrades and stone balustrades have remained popular across centuries and have maintained their artistic appeal to homeowners.

Famous Historical Buildings that Have Stone Balustrades

Limestone balusters are famous in historical buildings, some of which are still here with us today.

The Juliet Balcony in Verona

stone balustrades
The Juliet Balcony in Verona

Famous for drama, love, and tragedy, but also famous for its classic stone balustrades is the historical Juliet Balcony in Veronica, Italy. It was Shakespeare who first wrote about this balcony, but today, modernized forms of Juliet balconies are now a thing to include in homes, most of them featuring metal or limestone balusters.

The Buckingham Palace

stone balusters
The Buckingham Palace

This building is a massive one on its own, still, it features artistically placed natural stone balusters, especially on the northeast front of the palace. Here, the Queen will often stand, speak, and wave.

The Versailles Palace

limestone balusters
The Versailles Palace

This timeless building is a lavish display of wealth that features artistically-made stone balustrades. Here, the balustrades do not grace balconies alone but are also used to edge the terraces, line staircases, and sectionalize the gardens.

How Natural Stone Balustrades Are Used Today

Not everyone might appreciate the idea of achieving a sixteenth-century look with a building from the twenty-first century. Nevertheless, a limestone balustrade is still a popular choice for building today.

So long as balconies, terraces, and staircases remain a part of building and landscaping, balustrading will never become outdated. Stone balusters can be used to outline terraces, prevent accidents on raised platforms like balconies and staircases and also divide large, open spaces such as gardens and aisles.

Stone balustrades are now being crafted using modern architectural designs, many of which the homeowners of Columbus and Cincinnati have come to love.

Why Limestone Is a Great Choice for Balustrades

limestone balustrades
Limestone balustrades and columns

Limestone products are appreciated for several reasons, most of which apply to why they are also commonly used for balustrades. Limestone balusters are known to serve well and their distinct glow can never be mistaken for another. Here are the top reasons why homeowners of Columbus and Cincinnati should consider using stone balustrades:

Limestone Is Visually Appealing

The average homeowner in Columbus and Cincinnati would probably tell you he appreciates limestone balustrades most because of their visual appeal, especially when incorporated into architectural designs.

Moreover, because of how it has been used over the years, limestone buildings are considered the flagship style of royals. Limestone balustrades are never overpowering in color; instead, they give buildings an understated elegance that reflects class and quality.

Limestone Balustrades Provide Safety

If there is any reason why limestone and stone buildings have remained over the years, it is mostly due to their durability. Limestone is a very strong building material, not susceptible to rust or quick collapse. This makes it the best fit for balustrades which are mostly used for safety and support.

Limestone Offers a Variety of Design Options

This natural material allows for different designs based on style and use. There are no rigid ways to design limestone balusters; simply tell the stone carver what you want and watch as your stonework vision comes to life.


Limestone is a perfect material to use when you want to create ornate sculpture pieces and beautiful, long-lasting architectural buildings. Stone and limestone balusters are an excellent way to incorporate character and strength into your building designs.

If you want to incorporate limestone in your home building plans, consider speaking to the experts from the Stone Center. We have a lot of natural stone products to offer and we are confident one of them will suit your housing needs.

Should you have any questions, contact us!


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